I’m just an average ordinary guy named Rick. who’s also passionate about helping average people like me, and people like you, realize and experience their own freedom dreams with internet marketing.

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I created this site so that people could find pros and cons of all these work at home opportunities that are promoted all over the internet. I’ve been marketing online for well over 10 years and have purchased just about every program out there and still continue to do so, although today I only do so in order to write legitimate and honest reviews about it.

What I have found is that about 99% of the so called “work at home” programs that are promoted online are just worthless crap and are promoted by people that really couldn’t care less about your success and are only promoting the crap so they can line their own pockets.

In all these years I’ve only found a small handful of legitimate programs that will actually teach you how to work at home online and be straight with you. You’ll find that the only things that are advertised here are those few programs.

I love internet marketing and I especially enjoy helping people learn how to do it effectively. Please feel free to contact me if I can ever help you.


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