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Affiliate site marketing is proving to be a profitable pusuit for many, but so many people are now doing this that the competition is getting stiff. If you follow these four principles, you’ll greatly improve your chances of succeeding in the affiliate marketing world.

Investigate to determine which offers are the best converters. Build a friendship with your affiliate marketing manager and find out which offers are converting well, and be willing to pay more for an offer that will pay you in the long run. You may be wasting your time if you place your bets on offers that don’t convert well, especially if you’re new to this and don’t have established sites operating.

Research to discover what niches are not overly exploited already. This may lead you to promote something that is new and unusual and may not be interesting to you personally, but you’ll be glad you did it if you find a niche that is not taken by the big boys and still converts well. This will take some time and investigation, but it’s worth it.

Build a solid rapport with your affiliate site manager. Be willing to accept low-payout offers, and put the time into promoting them, even if the pay-out is not garnering you much per hour, and then seek approval for higher paying offers. Spend time making sure every affiliate site looks good. Hire a copywriter if you aren’t a good writer or if English is your second language, and be willing to pay a decent wage so you don’t get someone in a third world country writing junky content for your site. Maintain a good relationship with your affiliate manager by responding to communications immediately and with respect.

Follow the search engine rules. You don’t want Google to shut your site down because you bent the rules. You can’t just slap up a one-page affiliate marketing site full of scammy promotions and think the search engines are going to approve you. Put up ten pages of content, all of it good stuff that relates to your offers you want to promote. Supply a contact page and a resource page to make your page even more legit.

If you follow these rules and persevere, you just may get your slice of the affiliate marketing pie.



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