Now Ameriplan® is one company we have many years of first hand experience with. In fact, years ago we earned a six figure residual income with Ameriplan®. This is one company we would only recommend to our worst enemy. See our other Ameriplan® reviews on this site.

Ameriplan®, Complaints And Scam

ameriplanAmeriplan® is a discounted supplemental Health Benefit Program for members and the Physicians. A good proportion of Americans do not have health and Dental Insurances. Insurance rates are rising unabated.

A need exists for inexpensive and affordable but effective Health and Supplemental Insurances. This is made possible thru AmeriPlan® as it cuts out the middle man and takes you straight to the doctor or the dentist. The rates given below include every member of your household, even if they are not family!

ameriplan reviewsIncludes Price Dental Plus For an entire household Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic $19.95 /month Basic Health For an entire household (AmeriPlan® Health ) includes Physician Care, Ancillary Services, Hospital Advocacy and Nurse Line $29.95 /month Total Health For an entire household (AmeriPlan® Health ) + (DVPC) $39.95 /month Total Health Plus For an entire household (AmeriPlan® Health ) + (DVPC) + Auto Club, Identity Theft Assistance and Legal Services $59.95 /month.

Separate Dental and Vision Programs are also available. A Prescription Program is also offered by AmeriPlan®. Prescription drugs have become very costly. This Plan significantly reduces the cost of medicines.

AmeriPlan® enables you to start your own home business, when people are losing jobs as a result of recession, The offer involves enrolling new Members for AmeriPlan® and IBOs.

You will have to pay $50 monthly fee and $45 one time start up fee when you enroll. However, this covers Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic for your entire household!

mulitlevel marketingWhen you induct a new member, for say Dental Plan, he/she will have to pay $20/month. Out of this your share will be $6. You will keep receiving income from each IBO and member you sign up, as long as they continue their members!

If you work hard and are focused, it is possible to make thousands of dollars every year. This is based on factual stories of some of the IBOs.

In conclusion, Ameriplan® is a legitimate business that has been on the scene for sometime now. That being said, it is still a MLM or multilevel marketing opportunity. With a MLM you are typically encouraged to start prospecting within your family and friends and often asked to attend hotel meetings. You may also be encouraged to have meetings in your home to promote the opportunity or the products. It is up to you to determine if you see yourself working within this type of system.”

As always, Good Luck out There

By: Mathew S. Robar

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