I just love it when someone tells it like it really is. Here is some great advise for anyone considering an affiliate program or any of the online marketing courses that the “Guru’s” are selling online.

Buyer Beware – Before You Become A Sucker To The Affiliate Marketing “gurus”

affiliate marketingAs a complete newbie to the world of Affiliate Marketing, if there is one thing I have realized is everybody is trying to sell me a system. Whether the system works is an entirely different matter – and if it doesn’t – then of course it’s because you’re not following their system to the letter!!

I’m constantly amazed at the “hooks” that Affiliate Marketers and Entrepreneurs are dreaming up and using to get us newbie’s to purchase their courses, their software, their system and ways of doing things.

I’m beginning to think, I’ve arrived at the stage of not being a complete newbie anymore, but a seasoned buyer of “internet affiliate marketing business systems”. All of which I’ve yet to make one single red cent (dime) on I might add.

Let me share with you the latest hooks the Affiliate Gurus are sprouting forth:

affiliate programsI hate Google just as much as you do.
I’ve connected up with an underground Marketer who shall remain nameless who’s shown me his system that he’s ripping thousands of $$$ out of Google. (Of course he gave it to me for free!)

Wait for this one – “I think it’s the piece de resistance: I used to spend 14 hours a day in front on my computer and like you wondering where all the money is and what happened to my dream lifestyle”. Or another one:

“I’ve paid $60 – $100K to develop this software and I’ll only charge you $197. (By my calculations 100 people they’ve made their money back and from then on it’s pure profit!!)

Don’t you just love the bonus after bonus these gurus give? Talk about let’s overwhelm the newbie to such a degree that the person will never get to really utilise in a month of Sundays – but hey we’re giving bonuses that cost us money!

Now before I become too cynical I would like to say – the best bit about these so called gurus is they do give a money back guarantee. Make use of this to the full hilt.

work at homeIf their system doesn’t work in the time frame of the hours/days they say – request a refund. Why waste your time slaving in front of a computer for hours on end, beating yourself up, because you just can’t get the results they claim one can make?

What I have learned on my journey in the Affiliate Marketing world is as follows:

Every so called system is only a “partial” solution in order to get you to buy more of their courses, more of their software or that of their pals.

Every system has a ‘long way’ and a ‘short way’ and you better believe they’re not parting with the short way for the money you’ve paid.

Every system appears to need state of the art software to put the tasks on autopilot (in order to be time efficient and have a life) and guess what, you have to not only pay for the software but continue to pay for it – on a monthly basis.

Some bonuses come with a continuing monthly price tag in order to receive the bonus.

Some systems come with a continuing monthly price tag and if you don’t pay, you don’t receive.

Some software comes free however even then there is a long way and a short way and you have to pay to have access to the short way.

internet marketingMost of these Affiliate Marketing Gurus are “young” – up to around mid thirties and have IT degrees and have software systems to do their affiliate marketing tasks us newbie’s can only dream about and know we’re never going to be able to afford.

When the gurus sprout it will take 2 hours to get things up and running – double this, then multiply by 3 and add an extra day for good measure!

Their “blueprints” are minus this or that, just to encourage you to pay for more courses.

They say if you pay peanuts you get peanuts. I say even if you pay for gold you still get peanuts with these Affiliate Marketing Gurus.

Why would these gurus really want to give away all their secrets- after all this just makes you their competitor in the Affiliate Marketing business?

Some Super Affiliate Marketers do want to educate people, however only to a point. They sprout the right words about giving back then ask you to pay thousands of dollars to get the real inside stuff that is supposed to assist you to make money online.

The money is in the courses (high end products they sell) rather than in the system for their affiliate marketing.

Testimonials are simply a dime a dozen – I don’t even bother to read them – a guru gave me a website complete with testimonials of people I’ve never even heard of, nor met!

Now don’t get me wrong – these ‘gurus’ I believe may have been through tough times and learned things the hard way in the internet affiliate marketing world. They’re also entitled to make a living. They’re entitled to reap in some benefits and some rewards.

I just wish they’d give us newbie’s a decent even break. Sell us the entire system that is step by step (don’t go to the next step until the one prior is fully implemented), cut down on their bonuses to stop flooding our minds with useless crap and give us the proper tools required to actually make money from their system.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a sales page which stated: Before you buy, I want you to think about the associated costs my course will require you to incur and the actual software (its costs, benefits and rational) you’ll need to implement my course to the letter to actually make some money – so you can make an informed decision.

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By: Desley Casey

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