Empower Network has been by far one of the best decisions I’ve made in many years of internet marketing. I realized I should write a post to share with everyone why I’m involved with Empower Network. First of all they have made it so simple to get involved, even if it’s just to take advantage of their viral blogging platform with an Alexa ranking in the 500 range!

With Empower Network a rookie internet marketer can begin earning 100% commissions just like a product creator. Something I always wanted to be able to do was create my own product, but what do I know about writing software? Nothing! But I do know a little about marketing online. Therefore I’ve been able to do OK as an affiliate marketer but with Empower Network I get to be paid like a dude that created the product himself!

Empower NetworkIt’s not easy to find a product you can market online where you can be paid a 100% commissions. Especially on the high end products, most other affiliate opportunities out there are paying 30% to 50% every once in a blue moon if you look very diligently you may find one that will pay you 75%. But not 100%!

So what are the Empower Network products? Education! Not just any education but world class affiliate marketing education from some of the highest earning affiliates to ever get in the game. You have probably noticed how the work at home industry is exploding along with network marketing and affiliate marketing. However the failure rate is way too high in this industry and that’s because so many people are just trying to figure it out as they go. Just like I did for so many years and that is a very expensive and painful way to get this kind of education. Well now you have a short cut to affiliate marketing mastery.

Not only do they pay 100% commissions they also pay immediately. I mean the sale does not even go to Empower Network then to you, it goes directly to you. So you get paid the instant you make the sale! How cool is that? Personally I think the coolest thing in the world is to wake up to commissions already in your account and finding out about it as you are having your checking your emails and enjoying your morning cup of coffee.

To begin with you get a super powerful viral WordPress blogging platform that already has many lead capture pages and proven sales funnels that convert better than anything I’ve seen before. When you combine the tools they provide with the training in their courses you will see your work at home online business blow up like you’ve never experienced before.

empower network

Since my first experience with online success was with a network marketing business as I moved into more and more affiliate marketing the one downside I always observed with affiliate marketing was that there was not much opportunity to create an ongoing residual type of income. Kind of a big bummer for a guy that likes to travel and party as much as possible, right? Well with Empower Network they have that residual income thing covered too! In fact that is why our tag line is “Building A Business While Having A Life.”

I’ve come to realize it is almost like a hybrid of network marketing and affiliate marketing due to the pass up sales. Now don’t get your panties in a bunch about the pass up sales. When you take a close look at that compensation plan remember that you end up on the receiving end of those pass up sales too and the pass up sales that you receive are going to be way more that the pass up sales that you pass up. Another big advantage to that is the fact that your upline coach continues to have a vested interest in your success. So it keeps your sponsor tied to you with huge financial incentives to help you score.

Last but certainly not least is the opportunity to learn from internet marketing legends such as Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, not to mention dozens of other internet marketing masters like Tracy Walker and Justin Verrengia!

Now I must finish with this warning. Empower Network is only for very serious minded entrepreneurs, this is not for people that are content playing minor league ball this is only for people that will only be satisfied playing in the major leagues and are willing to put in the time, effort and energy to make it happen. So for those that are content to sit on the couch and complain, they should really go find some cut rate fly by night program where they can fit in. There are tons of them out there. Empower Network is only for the most serious minded of entrepreneurs that are seriously committed to their dreams and goals where failure is not an option.


So if you’re ready to learn internet marketing from the big boys and girls GO HERE and get started right away. When you do we’ll be talking soon and when you become part of my team I’m also going to get you into a very exclusive Facebook group where you will receive daily training and shoulder to shoulder coaching from some of the most bad ass internet marketing geniuses online.

So let’s lock arms and hit a big home run with Empower Network!

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I’m just an average ordinary guy named Rick who’s also passionate about helping average people like me and people like you, realize and experience their own freedom dreams with internet marketing. Click Here to Learn More!