Have you heard about affiliate marketing partnerships, but aren’t sure how to proceed? The following suggestions will help get you started.

Choose wisely when accepting affiliate marketing partnerships. You certainly don’t need a sloppy web partner who will present your product or service in a schmaltzy or cheesy way. Take the time to ask questions of potential affiliate marketing partnerships, requesting evidence that they know how to set up a site, drive traffic, and portray the right tone online.

Work with your affiliate marketing partners. Let them in on business intellegence such as traffic numbers so they can gauge which strategies are bringing results. Give them information such as when efforts resulted in sales. Give affiliate marketing partners reasons to continue working on promoting your product or service.

Before you sign up with affiliate marketing partners, you need to determine how the numbers will work best for you. All incentives should be linked to results of varying levels. Assign value to the responses you want: traffic, clicks, and sales. A smart person will link different levels of responses with different monetray rewards, so affiliate marketing partners are inspired to try to get sales, but will also work hard to get the website visits and contact information forms filled. If you provide mutliple grades of incentives, you’ll keep affiliate marketing partners who haven’t hit the sales levels yet, but are still driving traffic to your site, inspiring them to keep trying.

Pay out incentives wisely. For instance, you may wish to delay incentive payments on sales until the new customer makes it through any sort of probation or trial period, when you’re sure you’ve got the solid sale. Be sure your contract language reflects these kinds of agreements so the affiliate marketing partners don’t think they will get paid for sales that don’t solidify.

If you set up your affiliate marketing plan such that it benefits you and the partner, you’ll reap marketing benefits at an affordable price. If you reward your affiliate marketing partners aptly while reserving enough for your own needs, both of you will benefit.