In order to reach the top of the business world, or in order to stay at the top, you have to be able to adjust to the ever-changing business culture. One of the big ways businesses can adjust is by becoming bilingual or even multilingual. While a lot of companies in other countries have adjusted in this way already – with most of those in non-English-speaking countries adding English to their plate of languages in order to compete in America – a lot of American businesses have fallen behind. You can benefit from following the lead of these companies and becoming bilingual yourself if you are a business executive, a small business owner, or even a small-time employee in a big corporation.

For business executives, it is easy to understand the need for linguistic expansion. You are expected to be the best at what you do if you are a business executive. Just because you have reached the top does not mean that you are guaranteed to stay there; after all, if you are not continuing to improve, someone else is! By adding an extra language to your arsenal, you are able to broaden the scope of your communicative powers, and are therefore able to broaden your powers overall. Furthermore, this expansion of your linguistic prowess will help you to communicate with customers and employees, and will allow you better footing in encouraging your employees to do the same.

Four years after a small business is birthed, there is only a 40% chance it will still be alive; ten years after a small business is birthed, the chances of it still existing are only 10%. Every advantage you can find when running a small business can be a big deal, and becoming bilingual is a big advantage!

If you are a regular employee in a big corporation, you might be thinking there is no real necessity for you to learn an extra language. If you are thinking this, however, you are wrong! There will always be greater opportunities for advancement among those employees who can speak more than one language, and this is especially true as businesses progress to become more multilingual. The present might not yield you much fruit for your efforts, but you will surely see the payoff sometime down the road!

You should now find yourself equipped with the motivation you need for learning a new language; this is the first step! As for the remaining steps of dedication and time, it will be up to you to supply both of these.