iLivingApp is scheduled to enter into pre-launch Today!

February 1st 2013 marks the beginning of the pre-launch period for iLA or iLivingApp.

The new mobile application called Inspired Living App or iLivingApp for short is scheduled to officially begin their 60 day pre-launch period.

iLivingAppiLivingApp just as recently as January 2nd 2013 began allowing the initial founding associates to introduce the concept to others prior to the official pre-launch of iLivingApp.

That began an amazing tidal wave of new associates enrolling into the iLivingApp community. Between January 2nd and February 1st more than 40,000 people have pre-enrolled into the iLivingApp community.

iLivingApp is designed and built by the same team that introduced some of the most downloaded apps on the planet.

iLivingApp is the very first of its kind mobile application that combines aspects of the personal & professional development industry with the direct referral marketing industry and the mobile applications industry.

I have personally never seen a company in the mobile applications market that is spreading and growing by word of mouth with a referral marketing compensation plan. Not only does it enable the subscriber the option of getting the app for free by referring three other subscribers to the app, but it also offers the full-time net-worker the option of building a large residual income by referring more than ten.

Today marks the beginning of a 60 day pre-launch phase where the company will have the opportunity to test all their delivery systems and technology.

Early signs from the market place indicate a tremendous amount of interest in this product as well as an interest in the income opportunity available by sharing the product with others.

The application itself has been thoughtfully designed to lend itself nicely to viral growth.

So Don’t Be A Wussy!


by Rick Weitl