Fighting off damaging free radicals is what Monavie Juice does. With the primary ingredient of acai berry it is very high in anti oxidants. Is it an anti aging juice? You be the judge.

Is Monavie Worth It ?

acai berryDesire for good health rules a man’s life. US spend roughly $2.1 trillion on health care. These are neat estimates. The United States is a country of old men. Aging population forms a large part of it. Many such old men often do not get the medical treatment they deserve, others, when they do get it, get it all wrong.

US census bureau has something strange to say. It’s a nice trivia to know. More than 8000 people turn 60 each day; sparked by the requisite amount of care that the aged need and the image consciousness of the present generation, the trillion dollar industry keeps flourishing.

76 million fetuses got shaped between 1946 and 1964. These were the babies with the rich connection. America pampered these children with too much food, fun, luxuries and what not. This is not without the flip side though. These particular children developed various physical problems; weaker heart, more toxic systems, respiratory deficits, overweight body and many other things. Americans pay the most to recuperate fast but they are the ones who end up being treated wrongly.

Why to stay healthy?

free radicalsHarming free radicals attack us every moment. Poisonous oxygen molecules damage the body every bit. Free radicals are longing souls. Their deep desire to meet the ion of opposite polarity is unthinkable, and they succeed each time in doing so. This way the chain process begins, each free radical duplicates and continues doing so. It does itself a lot of good, but harms the body badly. It is important to be healthy. If we leave it for too late, the free radicals would simply eat away our nervous vitality and our immunity strength.

How to fight free radicals for recovering?

monavie juiceAntioxidants can help us fight free radicals completely. An antioxidant is a phytonutrient that cheats oxidation. These can help a food smell fresher for long. An antioxidant neutralizes a free radical and renders it non-reactive. This way the antioxidants even fight cancer. They just complete the pairing process for the DNA-killing free radicals. Antioxidants are of great help to the body. After all they can help with right kind of blood flow to heart and brain, fight DNA tissues, maintain stability of blood-vessel membranes and even prevent instances of Alzheimer and other forms of dementia.

Monavie – a must daily

It is a one-stop solution for procuring Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Acai berry has the highest ORAC score found to date when it comes to fighting hydroxyl radicals. In case you missed out on it, Acai berry is the chief component of Monavie.

Consuming an ounce each in the morning as well as evening, a person happily connects to the amount of antioxidants needed. A 40 dollar bottle gives all that you ever wanted in the tirade against FREE RADICALS.

A word of warning: Results can be different for each given individual. It largely depends on the effort one is willing to give. All the information provided tends towards creating know-how. No marketing gimmick is involved here. The article inference is not meant to be associated with medical, health or professional advice.

The product does not make therapeutic claims. A medical practitioner must be sought prior to changing any medical treatment. All issues related to medical health must always be taken care of by health experts. Monavie abstains from medical recommendations and shy away from helping those who are self-therapists. No error or omission is being assumed. Now you are the best judge whether Monavie should be consumed or not.


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