Local Mobile Monopoly

…is quite an interesting product. You know I don’t normally even write about products that I’m not using or have used. I’m just opening the package with this one, but having been involved in advertising sales to small and medium sized businesses for many years I realize the potential for people that grab onto this opportunity quickly.

So rather than wait until I have digested it all and can provide a decent review, I wanted to get this link out there for our readers.


I’ll be back with a more complete review next week. But didn’t really think it is fair to our readers to hold off on this. You can at least take a look for yourself, and if you do we appreciate the feedback.

The reason this looks appealing to me is that I know this is where local advertising is going for traditional businesses in their local market such as restaurants, hair salons, dry cleaners, mechanics etc, etc, etc. This is real cutting edge advertising solutions for the small business owner. I do happen to believe that it will be a small window of opportunity that may only last for a few years. But the people that get out there and sell this product early on are going to make a ton of money. A really cool work at home business it seems to me. But I will come back to write more once I’ve had time to put the program through the ringer so to speak.

So take a look here Local Mobile Monopoly

I’ll be back with much more next week… Thanks for stopping by.