Make Money Selling On Ebay With Ebay Pulse – A Practical Guide

If you are serious about your efforts to make money selling on eBay, then it is important to know about the tools available to you.

EBay Pulse is a great feature provided by eBay that allows you to find what you want, when you want it. EBay Pulse even helps you find what you don’t even know you are looking for. But it can be a bit confusing to use at first so here is a guide to help you get through the fundamentals.

Refine Your Search – Now we all know, searching on eBay can be a bit daunting. EBay Pulse has made it much easier with their refine or advanced search. This feature is quite simple to use. It actually requires very little effort. What you will want to do is use the search in the bottom left corner of the Pulse page.

This will send you to a search page. You will then need to click advanced search. Here you fill out the form to your heart’s content and press search. This will narrow your search significantly, allowing you to find what you need faster and easier.

View Lists – The home page for eBay Pulse has a variety of lists for those who are just browsing or need a gift, but don’t know what exactly to get. The lists are very helpful and will guide you through the process more effectively. Some of lists will help you find the most watched items, largest stores, popular products, and more. Using this system makes things so much easier that you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

You also have the capability to search through categories if you have an idea of what type of item you want. Just click the ‘see all eBay Pulse categories’ and go from there. The category will show you the popular searches, largest stores, and hot products all in that particular category. Sellers can just imagine the impact eBay Pulse can have on your ability to make money selling on eBay.

What Are These Lists For? The lists on eBay Pulse are there to guide you through your browsing efforts. You want to utilize this feature to your advantage. You will want to know what these lists can do to help you. If you have an anniversary present or children’s gift to search for without a clue of what to get, these lists will help.

So a good recommendation would be to use this process:

1. Find a category you know to look in.

2. Look at the popular search or popular products in that category.

3. Then look at the largest store and look for that particular product you want.

This is especially useful in giving you good ideas and finding the best bang for your buck. Make sure to read reviews of products and sellers to make sure you are making the right choice. When you start using eBay, you’ll want as many tools as possible at your disposal. This is one of those that you will fall in love with and use often. As a seller, this tool can certainly help you make money selling on eBay.

To Your eBay Success!

By: Bob Hamilton

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