Prepaid legal services review. Some history and relevant information for anyone that would like a home-based business with prepaid legal.

prepaid legal servicesA Prepaid Legal Services review is often a tool that can guide you on the viability, merits and demerits of this business. A good review would be able to help you not only make an informed decision, but also understand the concept, vision and mission of the company. Such an understanding is often vital to your ability to translate its principles into a successful business. This would ensure that you “own” the company and therefore you can identify it within the market.

The Genesis

The Prepaid Legal Services review would tell you that this business idea came up when a life insurance salesperson by the name of Harland Stonecipher met with a car accident in 1972. At that time Harland realized that insuring for legal services would be an excellent idea as most people are paralyzed by these costs, which are not covered by any insurance.

It took about seven years for the concept to be translated into a marketable business. In 1979 this new business had enough presence to have stock trading on the NASDAQ exchange. The business model was based upon the basic principles on how to make money with affiliate programs and therefore was promoted through independent business associates.

The Business Model

From the Prepaid Legal Services review, you would learn that this is a business based on the network-marketing plan. The strategy here is to enroll team members that will keep the downline growing. You start as a ‘certified field trainee’ and if the marketing strategy you adopt is right, you would be able to create a passive income over time, enough for a comfortable living.

Among the schemes that this business offers, you would be promoting and selling employee benefit plans, individual and family plans, and business plans. The joining fee is relatively low at $49, which means that the business is within the reach of most prospective e-entrepreneurs.

The key here is to set up a good online marketing system, which can promote your sales and business growth. A lot depends upon how much effort you choose to put into this venture; your success or failure depends mostly on this aspect. There is no automated guaranteed-to-succeed promise here.

The Opportunity

As per the Prepaid Legal Services review, you get the tools, the concept and the affiliation. The rest is up to you. If you are able to identify good team members to work with you, this business could make money fast online; alternatively, you could end up with only effort and no payment.

Author: Adam Zierer

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