If you are searching for a legitimate home-based opportunity here are some good tips and advice. There are some network marketing companies that have been around for a long time. That does not mean it is a great opportunity for everyone however. Prepaid legal is just one of hundreds of work at home opportunities.

So we are here to discuss Prepaid Legal and whether or not it is a scam. We will examine the business opportunity and see if you can make money with their program.

Prepaid legal has been around for about 35 years and was started by Harland Stonecipher. They have an agreement with a reputable law firm that gets paid monthly for their legal services.

Prepaid legal services include audit services, trial defense, motor vehicle defense and preventive legal services.

The cost of the service is typically around a dollar or so a day. Not bad if you have a big case come up that you need a trial attorney for.

prepaid legal servicesThat being said, there have been prepaid legal scams before, the first of which showed up around 1930 in Europe.

They are now one of the largest network marketing companies around boasting over 1.5 million members.

As in other network marketing companies, you will be able to build a down-line and get compensated off of that down-line.

Since they have been around for about 50 years, they use a lot of the same old tactics. You will start with your warm market, i.e. family and friends.

network marketingThey also teach what is called the 3 foot rule meaning anyone within 3 feet you should talk to about the opportunity.

In conclusion, prepaid legal is not a scam and if you are ok with building a business on the backs on your family and friends, then it might be a good opportunity for you.

If not, then you may want to look at an opportunity like the one below.

Good Luck out there!

Author: Mathew Robar

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