Project First Sale is a product available through Clicksure. In the sales page of Project First Sale the creator and salesperson, Mark Wilson, pitches the product by riding around in a chauffeur driven limo as he picks up his three “students” and claims he is taking them to his home by way of his “private helicopter”.

During his hyped up Project First Sale pitch he keeps talking about how much money he makes and how he wants to help YOU make the kind of money he makes.

In my humble opinion Project First Sale is pure CRAP!

I first became suspect of the product just as soon as I completed the purchase. You see during the pitch process of Project First Sale the pitch man tells you that included in this product is absolutely everything you need to begin making money right away and that there is nothing else you need and there are no upsells. Well as soon as you complete the purchase what do you get hit with? you guessed right, not just an upsell but one after another of more Project First Sale B.S.

Well in my opinion if someone will lie to you about the little things they certainly will lie to you about the big things too. In his pitch of Project First Sale he also tells you how you do not need a list, you do not need a website, you do not need any tech skills at all. In fact during the staged mentoring with his “students” he logs them into a website and leaves them for 25 minutes to go through the Project First Sale directions of his system and set up some campaign.

After going through the whole process it now seems to me that these “students” were just actors playing a part in a commercial for Project First Sale.

Well just getting through the Project First Sale video instructions of how to use the system will take you at least an hour just to watch them, let alone the amount of time it will take you to set up the blog that they tell you you’re going to need. Yes you heard right, in the pitch he says you don’t need a website, then in the training on how to use the system one of the first things they want you to do is set up your own blog at What I like to call the Project First Sale smoke and mirrors.

Then of course you are going to have to create some videos using one of the Project First Sale tools as part of the system as well as an auto responder account you will need to set up with Aweber.

The training videos that are part of the Project First Sale are by far some of the worse training I’ve ever seen in all my years of picking up internet marketing courses. The part of how to choose your keywords made me laugh so hard I literally almost fell out of chair! Picking the keywords you are going to target for a campaign is not something that happens by chance or by just typing a keyword into a Google search window and saying “There that looks like a good keyword” yea that is exactly what they did!

I could actually go on for quite some time about the farce that they call Project First Sale but it just pisses me off to even think about it too much. It is this kind of crap and phony make believe internet marketers that is giving the industry such a bad rap.

Well there is just one other thing that I have to mention because this is also one of the things that just jumped out at me just as soon as I completed the purchase besides all the ongoing upsells that he just said were not going to be there, and that is this, he also said that my credit card would not even be charged anything for 5 days and that way I would have a full 5 days to use the system and see how impressed I was with Project First Sale. Well of course what happened? Yea you already guessed, my card was charged immediately not 5 days later like he said it would be.

There is only one good thing I can say about Project First Sale and that is that there is a Money Back Guarantee, of course I truly believe that is only there due to the fact that it is sold through Clicksure which requires these kinds of money back guarantees.

I’ve purchased a whole lot of worthless crap over the years to learn how to do internet marketing and this Project First Sale is right up there with some of the most worthless crap I’ve ever seen on the market. Of course this is all my opinion and I am just one guy and since this is what I do I am only to happy to purchase Project First Sale just so I could do a review for my followers.

The only place I have ever found truly successful internet marketers that will tell it to you straight and not play games with you or fill you with a bunch of bullshit is at Empower Network, which would probably explain why that organization has seen such explosive growth ever since its launch in late 2011.

Although this is all from my humble opinions I really hope this post is helpful to you if you are looking at Project First Sale. So in case you can’t tell already it would be my advice to avoid Project First Sale and stick with legitimate programs. At least you can get some legitimate internet marketing training from the Empower Network guys and they are not going to feed you a bunch of B.S.

To your massive success,

Rick Weitl



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