You’ve decided to take on an email or cold calling marketing campaign, but you’re not sure how to pitch your products and services. You can always pay a marketing service to do this for you, but if you’d like to take a stab at it, you can craft sales pitches by following these tips: First impressions are everything in sales; you’ve probably got about three seconds to convince your potential client that you are worth their time and consideration. If you are making cold calls, be sure to be ready to speak the second they answer the phone. If you are preparing a written sales pitch, check your spelling and punctuation and use a professional sales copy template.

Personalize. Look for clues as to what exactly your customer may need. This is why automated phone sales services can turn people off so much; the telltale pause alerts customers to the fact that a machine dialed their number, making them feel like they are not getting sincere customer service. Address the person with genuine concern and ask questions that quickly pinpoint what needs you can meet. Do your best to identify what your business can offer that will be of true value.

Don’t waste a second of your customer’s time. You’re lucky your potential customer is giving you even two minutes of his or her precious time. Cut any extra fat out of your sales script such that you have only words of value to offer, othing superfluous. Make every syllable count. Don’t get bogged down in details until after you’ve hooked the customer.

Soften hard sales pitches. Soft sales—emphasizing the establishment of a personal relationship and the practical benefits received by the potential customer—work best. Refuse to sound like a salesman who is out for the almighty dollar; focus instead on what benefits the customer.

Be sure to provide adequate order and contact information. Be sure to provide simple contact and order information. When on the phone, ask for contact information and permission to send sales information via multiple forms of media so as to catch both electronically savvy and traditional markets.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you can craft an effective sales pitch that you will deliver results time and again.