Here is a fair explanation of the reality of the travel business and in particular, YTB (Your Travel Biz).  For any work at home business the most important part of making money with that business is marketing. If you are trying to work online it is a good idea to have a marketing plan in place for that business if you are to have any success at all with it.

YTBDo you or anyone you know like to travel? Would you like to travel for pennies on the dollar? Are you tired of owing at the end of the year instead of receiving a return? Has the current recession left you feeling like you need to do something other than work your 9 to 5 in order to get ahead? Consider becoming a travel professional with YTB.

Here is the real truth about this company: YTB stands for Your Travel Biz and it has two sides: marketing and travel. This company was founded eight years ago and their home office is located in Wood River, Illinois. This is a publicly traded company and YTB is a part of the Direct Selling Association. Many people believe that they are going to make immediate money with this business. However, this is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to make money, just like with any company, you will have to be willing to work hard.

your travel bizAlthough there are other online travel sites available, what sets YTB apart from others is the fact that so much is offered on their site. When you purchase a site with YTB, not only do you have the ability to sell travel, you are now also able to sell flowers, golf tee times, sports and concert tickets, cars, and outings for those who like to hunt. YTB has recently introduced Your Travel Wear! Your Travel Wear includes clothing for men and women, bath and body items, the cost to join YTB is affordable. Really, YTB is considered to be a travel store, because they offer so much more than travel.

Did you know that as a travel professional you are entitled to more tax breaks than the average business owner? Feel free to go the following website for more information: or consult a tax professional. As a travel professional, you are also able to go and enjoy relaxing vacations offered at deeply discounted prices by the vendors. These trips are offered at certain times of the year and known as familiarization trips.

So, if you are looking for a home business that can provide you with a better quality of life, a business that will allow you to take advantage of tax breaks, a business that will pay you residual income, and a business that you can will to your children, YTB is the perfect choice.

Author: Thamani Draft

Thamani teaches business owners how to market their business on the internet. If you are interested in starting an online travel business, and want to benefit from a mentor who is dedicated to your success, join our YTB team today at If you have questions on the travel business or deciding if YTB is right for you, please contact us. For more information on the YTB opportunity visit:

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