One of the most important decisions you will make when you are starting your small business is where your location will be. While many people tend to think location does not matter all that much, or think that a good marketing campaign or a strong online presence can easily overcome a poor location, these are not necessarily the case! Of course, with good marketing and a strong online presence, you can certainly improve your chances of success, but your success is still far likelier when you have a good location!

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Before you can choose your location, the first thing you need to have set in stone is exactly the sort of people who will be visiting your location. For instance, you should set up near apartments and a college if you are wanting to open a pizza parlor that sells pizzas for $5 apiece, instead of setting up in an upscale part of town. Similarly, if your desire is to make gourmet pizzas that will sell for $20 apiece, stay away from that college and set up your shop in an upscale part of town!

You will also need to pick a location that is highly visible, after you have decided which part of town is right for you. After all, no matter how great your marketing is, you will still gain plenty of business from people who were just driving by and spotted your storefront. If you are in a highly visible location – and if you are able to make it apparent what it is you do – you will greatly increase your chance at success.

Finally – a reason many small businesses fail is because, quite simply, their location is not easy to get to from the road! Because people are all about convenience, you will lose a lot of potential customers if they need to cross four lanes of traffic or pull a u-turn just to get to your store!

It is not difficult to choose a good location; you just need to know what will help your small business thrive, and then you need the patience to wait for it to open up for you!