PPC Marketing is one of the ways many people find to work at home. It is not quite as easy as it may seem however. You must do your homework before trying PPC marketing or you could lose your shirt.

The Ins And Outs Of Ppc Marketing

Many aspiring Pay-per-click marketers hear about th ppc marketinge potential riches of PPC marketing and jump in head-first without doing the appropriate work. They sink a couple hundred dollars into one or two campaigns and they get no conversions at all. Dismayed at losing money, they give up and quit, never to try PPC advertising again.

To succeed with pay per click, you need to take the time to do the proper research. There are many different components of a successful PPC campaign and you need to pay attention to each to succeed. Fail to do the appropriate work for one step, and your campaign will be a failure before it even starts.

Step one of the process is finding the appropriate offer to promote. To start, you should think off the top of your head a list of niches you would enjoy working in. Remember, you will be doing quite a bit of research and writing on the topic, so make sure it is something you would be interested in.

ppc advertisingNext, you need to find products with affiliate programs in the topics that you wrote down. Affiliate products pay you a certain percentage every time you sell that product. The best places to find these products include clickbank.com, cj.com, linkshare.com, and e-junkie.com. There are thousands of other sites to try as well, so just look around.

Next you will need to begin with some keyword research. There are some really good paid keyword research tools like KeywordSpy and Wordtracker, but I would first suggest starting off with a free one like the Google Adwords Keyword Research tool. Using this tool, you can type in keywords related to your niche, and it will give you a bigger list of related keywords. You will then want to filter down this list by just adding the keywords that you think potential customers will be using to find a product like yours.

ppc campaignNow that you have your keywords and product, you will need to create a landing page for it. A landing page gives you a chance to pre-sell your product to your customer. The alternative is to direct link to the product itself, but many pay-per-click engines like Google Adwords dislike this technique. If you don’t have any technical skills, you can outsource the landing page creation to a professional web designer.

Next, you will have to decide which PPC advertising platform you want to advertise on. The biggest one is Google Adwords, and they will definitely send you the most traffic. MSN Adcenter and Yahoo Search Marketing are also good alternatives. I would suggest starting with Adwords first, and once you develop some successful campaigns with them, you can easily move them over to the others.

An important part about setting up your PPC campaign is writing your ad copy. You will want to create at least two different ads and you want to make sure you use your keywords in the copy. If you do this, your keywords will get bolded in the ad, and studies have shown that this increases the click through rate. Make sure the ad copy tightly targets your product and gives visitors a reason to click on your ad.

You should now be able to identify the steps of a good PPC campaign. Although it sounds like a lot of work, you will definitely get better at it the more campaigns you begin. Always keep testing and optimizing and soon you will have some successful campaigns.

By: Mike C. Wong

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Michael Wong is a member of ppc-coach, a membership site teaches you PPC fundamentals and more advanced techniques. If you sign up under him, you can get 50% PPC Coach Discount off your first month’s membership.

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