There are a couple of things you should know about eBay, if you are planning to earn money from it.

First, you should learn how eBay works. There are still rules to be followed online. Read carefully the terms of service, since your account may be terminated if you make some mistakes. Learn how to use the interface too and how its fees are structured. That’s important, if you want to make it your living because you’ll need to calculate fees into your pricing structure, in order to turn a profit.

Second, gather stuff to sell. This is not as difficult as it seems. Some people rely on second-hand goods and will only buy something if it’s cheap enough. You can check on the eBay site how an item has been sold on the past, and at what price point. You can then concentrate your efforts in merchandise with high margins or high revenues.

Third, try dropship businesses. Dropship businesses will provide you the whole logistics and marketing material. You’ll only do the selling. Maybe all important dropship businesses are already on eBay, but you can outsource other dropship businesses or new dropship businesses. The products that you sell on eBay can also be sold through other venues, so check out if you can sell local products internationally or if you can buy from companies abroad and sell locally.

Fourth, if you want to live from your eBay income, analyze your business. Things change, and so does eBay as well as eBay buyers. If you’ve found a product that’s selling well, keep trying to find new products or new venues to sell this product. You are creating value every time you put a product online, since more people will have the chance of buying it. That implies that the eBay model will be there to stay. You can rely that as long as you improve your offer of products, you’ll be selling. Just watch out for yard sales, rummage sales or flea markets. There is often amazing stuff to be found there, especially antiques or vintage items which can be a huge source of income for you.

Author: Shawn Idean

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