Many people have found great success with a home-based opportunity called Xango. Here is some information about Xango.

xangoJoe Morton, Bryan Davis, Gordon Morton, Gary Hollister, Aaron Garrity, and Kent Wood founded XanGo in the year 2002 and since then it has grown tremendously. Initially, the growth of XanGo relied on just one product called mangosteen juice. However, the company at present has nearly one million distributors.

XanGo is located in Utah and is one of the direct selling companies. Utah is popular for MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business groups. The most important merchandise promoted by this business is the XanGo Juice. This juice is a health and dietary supplement formulated from mangoes.

Several companies formulate their own products containing mangosteen in order to achieve success and popularity. However, XanGo only makes use of the total fruit puree. The health gains in mangosteen are available in pericarp, thus offering super antioxidant known as xanthones.

xango juiceXanGo also offers business opportunities for generating income by marketing and selling this juice. Presently, it is amongst the prominent and largest MLM Corporations of the world having vast distributor base thus earning revenues in million dollars from sales and marketing.

The legal team of this MLM Company approved the sales right patent, which was earlier reversed. XanGo has always been profitable thus displaying, as the revenue figures keep on improving with every quarter. Thus, XanGo has moved into influential advertising opportunities thereby collaborating with one of the famous sports team.

In spite of being a new company, XanGo has been profitable. Recently, XanGo has also introduced XanGo television, whereby distributors can easily upload their promotional videos and meal packs that the customers can buy. A huge profit portion of XanGo’s business goes towards the underprivileged children all across the globe.

The advantage of XanGo Multi Level Marketing model is its viral nature. It believes in expanding the network through word-of-mouth publicity and promotions on Internet. XanGo has vast opportunity for spreading market awareness.

The health benefits that XanGo offers are wide and people experiencing obesity, anxiety, arthritis, fatigue, diarrhea, cancer, hypoglycemia, hypertension, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and cataracts can benefit from this juice, as it contains mangosteen in complete form.

This MLM Company does not reveal the actual amount of mangosteen that goes into making of each bottle. Moreover, neither do they reveal the amount spent on each fruit. Finally, when compared with the same products of other MLM companies, XanGo’s products are a bit expensive due to its extensive popularity and brand status.

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