Network marketing is a method of building a business by marketing a product and recruiting others into your organization to do the same. It is a legitimate way to make money with a home-based business.

Here is a fair and brief review of one of the more successful network marketing companies.

network marketingXango is a network marketing company located in Utah that started in November 2002. They claim to be the first to market mangosteen juice as a health supplement. But like many other network marketing companies, there are rumors and accusations of a Xango Scam. So is Xango really a scam or a legitimate company? Read on to find out.


Xango markets the juice of the mangosteen fruit, which is said to have high nutritional properties. 1-3 ounces of the juice every day can providea high amount of xanthones, or phytonutrients and antioxidant properties.

Business and Compensation:

work at homeXango distributes is products via network marketing, which is a viable method of marketing and moving product. A person can join Xango as an independent distributor and either purchase product and sell it at wholesale to their customers, or they can also choose to build a downline organization which will hopefully duplicate their efforts. They will then receive commissions on a portion of the volume created within their downline.

Xango Scam Conclusion:

While Xango is not a scam, they are a true company with a legitimate product, it is the type of business that may not be for everyone. If you love having home presentations and product parties, recruiting family and friends, and making cold calls to purchased leads, then this business may be right for you.

But if that style of business is not exactly your cup of tea and you would prefer a more automated style of business where you can market online and drive prospects to look for you instead of vice versa, then I would suggest you continue your search for an Online Marketing business that will teach you exactly how to do just that with all the top and most proven methods for marketing and making money online!

Author: Shawn Stoik

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